Alexandra B

When you feel you want to grow but don't know how, Elke is truly a guide and faithful handhold. She listens and pushes (in the good sense of the word) you to look for answers yourself. Specifically, when you ask yourself if you are doing the right thing, she bounces the question back to you. Why shouldn't you be doing the right thing? Why do you think so? In short, she searches with you for answers that are already within yourself. So mindblowing and intense, pure and real. If you need tools or tips to continue your search, she is ready to help you immediately.

grey scarf on the sofa

Elke makes sure that what is inside comes out. She makes you realise that strength is already within yourself and that is such a beautiful and warm feeling. For me personally, this has ensured that I am sure of myself and my feelings. That I feel myself and that that is ALWAYS right. That your feelings or thoughts are only there to learn something from and adjust your course. She makes you feel good and at home during the sessions, is always friendly and interested and takes her time. 

Elke, thank you. Gratitude is something I feel when I think back to my coaching period and a lot of strength and love. It has undoubtedly been super nice and beautiful journey. You are GREAT!