Van overmatig denken naar voelen, 
de weg naar ware vrijheid. 


Je voelt je gekweld door overmatig denken. Levensenergie ontbreekt je waardoor je:

  • gefrustreerd bent en mensen kwetst van wie je houdt
  • geen fut meer hebt voor je kinderen, familie en vrienden
  • niet langer geniet van de waardevolle momenten
  • je omgeving mijdt 
  • je meer en meer afsluit van anderen

Dan is coaching voor jou!

Herken je je in Lisa haar verhaal?

Maak terug contact met je innerlijke wijsheid en leef vanuit een gevoel van vertrouwen waardoor je:

  • keuzes maakt met zelfvertrouwen en anderen inspireert
  • steviger in je schoenen staat
  • barst van levensenergie, iets waar je vrienden, partner en familie ten volle van meegenieten
  • omgeving je kent als optimist die geniet van de kleine dingen
  • een positieve energie met je meedraagt, wat mensen aantrekt
  • een stevigere fundering hebt en externe gebeurtenissen minder vat op je hebben
  • minder afhankelijk bent van andermans meningen

Dit wil ik!

1.Let's meet

In a safe environment, you are given the space to be who you are. No expectations, no judgement, no right or wrong. My mission here is to let you experience peace, safety and spaciousness in the first instance.

2.Setting your compass

We bring it all together in one tangible vision that will always
get you back on the life path provided for you. No matter how
lost you may be, this will become your guide through your personal journey.

3.Your intuition as a guide

Here we focus on Something we have lost. Through simple basic techniques, you get to work tuning in to yourself, the place where all the answers are waiting for you. During the session, I will guide you through this so you can work on this independently.

4.A more enjoyable life

Once you find your way back to your essence, your inner strength and wisdom become available: the basis for resilience and confidence. You will find that your sense of control increases. External events and opinions have less grip on you and compulsive thinking is replaced by inner peace.

Kom kennismaken!

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Find your inner peace

Stop being guided by fear and live from trust and love.

I want that!

Carreer coaching

Time to discover, nurture and spread that inner spark within yourself.

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Get inspired

Here I share free tools, exercises and personal stories. 
In doing so, I hope to make some of your challenges lighter.

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About myself

Maybe you know me through my Instagram account or maybe you were referred. Either way, it's definitely nice to know who is behind U.nplug!

l am Elke Jordens, a conscious and slow-moving life enthusiast who strives for integrity and authenticity. Two values that are deeply ingrained and that I bring to my mission as a coach.

Within my practice, I focus mainly on ladies and gentlemen who are looking for a sense of security, connection, (self)confidence and self-worth. Side by side, we look for ways that suit you to increase that inner strength. In the jungle of life, I am at your side to face the unavoidable obstacles together.

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